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Sunday, 5-Jul-2009 03:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Birthday for Nadia@ Kalumpang

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Friday the 5th of June, my niece Nadia turned 8. Since we all pun nak ke Kalumpang to survey campsite for the upcoming Friends-after-work campout 2009, nape tak celebrate je kat sane. Dapat mandi manda sambil makan kek..

Short planning materialised. I made jelly kelapa and pasta salad. Bawak sikit buah tembikai. Wati dan ibu masak kari ayam dan sambal udang. Ade juga bawak other makanan sampingan...eh lupa lak kek harijadi Nadia...

We all bangun quite early juga eventhough nearly 3 am baru tidur lepas balik tengok TRANSFORMER kat Bukit Raja. Around 10am, Wati and family sampai dari Bangi. Breakfast jap sambil tunggu Biah sampai. Around 11am, all set and go.

Follow Guthrie to Rawang then into NKVE to Tg Malim. In 2 cars, Biah with us and Along driving Wati's Honda.

About half an hour passed 12pm, we reached Kalumpang. We drove up past the resort to a public area tp memang packed dgn orang. Resort tu pun penuh dgn partons. Dapat juga we all a spot by the river. Bentang tikar and lunch dulu.

Dah kenyang Biah, my husband and I terus ke Kalumpang to check out campsites. We stop at few spots by the river and tinjau tinjau kalu ade durian tergolek.. no luck le....

Then we are back for potong kek Nadia. Tak lupa juga buka hadiah

Ni dari Mama

Ni dari Abg Arif

Ni dari family Mak Long..pas ni bolih tidur sendiri kan? mirip cam kak Nurul punya.

Lepas makan kek, suma masuk dalam sungai and mandi manda

Dalam jam 6 ptg..balik dah..water too cold dah...


Wednesday, 24-Jun-2009 01:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Perginye 790SW...

1st digital gadget that help me in capturing all moments. It has been so helpful since I dah tend to forget many "important" things in life.....

Thank you for being with us...may u rest in peace...

Saturday, 20-Jun-2009 07:17 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Eila's Birthday at side of Look-out Point and Karaoke Maut 2009


This month of June, we had another belated birthday celebration for our dear friend Eila. Her day was on 15th June, but we gathered on 20th.....

This time, we ventured into another type of get together....karaoke birthday...Places proposed was a private family room at Just K at the Mines or open karaoke, we call KARAOKE Maut at the top of Look out point in Ampang, Ulu Langat. With only four of us and family able to spare the time, KARAOKE Maut sounds more intriguing...

Thus, around 8pm, we left the house. I dah goreng 2 tubs of keropok, brought from Pasar Payang the earlier week and Eila birthday cupcakes for jajan during karaokeing...

My hubby punya "last datang sini in 70s" ended up tah sesat kemane tah. Last last, the others girl gak yg manage to give us correct direction and he just laughed and laughed and pointed out that I am taking this "sesat" situation a bit too serious.. and he siad this while munching on keropok and asam jawa madu.. ..for that he will be "smacked down" later and in return I will get DVT ???? (something like that la...WWF fan....)

We finally reach the last junction to climb up the hill overlooking whole of Kuala Lumpur. Thank you YEBENG by the traffic light. was the night sight of the city. At one stretched of the road, the view was so amazing..tapi ramai photogpher yg pro dalam group nih..tengok je le gambar..

Last last nye bad news juga, Look-out point karaoke closed down already for over a month..tq Fadzy the organiser ....fortunately the birthday girl came a day early..else she will miss her nite

Kat bawah ni gambau we all ter mangu-mangu dan kelaparan..tak tau nak buat ape dah...

We need space to think of plan B and sitting in the look-out point restaurant may cause further bad news to our pocket, we decided to have our makan by roadside stalls overlooking KL nite scene..which turned out to be a commendable idea. The seller were helpful in setting up tables and chairs for about 15 of us

We had nasi lemak, steamboat, kangkung sotong and laksa. Eventhough the food were nothing to cry about, the fun is no less...it is true..it's who you are with that colours the nite....

We sang birthday song in 2 languages and we laughed over the graphic on the cuppies...Happy Birthday Eila!!!!!

Then we realised that it is already 11pm..is it to late for karaoke???..nope..we will have it no matter what....only question is.. are we brave enough for open KARAOKE by roadside behind Fadzy's house....YES WE ARE!!!! and off we shoot to Cheras but sadly Biah tak nak join....tau ape reason......takut balik lewat..area balik ade orang kampung meninggal...

So takers were me and family, Fadzy, Ina and family and Eila and husband so Fadzy bawak ke Cheras pusing pusing . Sampai je Alam Damai, Biah called.

"Akak tau tmpt tu yg mane satu...saya dah 2 kali pusing nih.."...eh eh..cakap tak mau join..tak leh tahan le tuh.... . Tapi yg lagi heran, how come she reached the area way way before us..Fadzy said..because we stopped for toilet break Thank you Biah..tak complete kalu adik sorang ni tak de..tengokle aksi manja....

This karaoke place is not that bad..it is by the roadside across the owner's corner restaurant. Behind it is a stretch of hilly green. In the center placed the stage and DJ's station. On it's left and right, there are numbers of bamboo huts, set with table and chairs. We can order foods and drink from the restaurant across the street. The place look clean and respectable
We made ourselves at home and order cold and hot drinks which were served in huge like 10L containers and come with a crate of glasses ..ni sampai esok pun tak abis minum...and only 30 ringgit...

Mula mula, suma berdalih part who to sing..then Baby naik pentas, karaoke one song, tup tup Eila naik ngan husband duet lagu Bola bola Api..tak leh jadi nih...then came plak the challenge from Ina..we sang one song, she will do three..so we formed a packed..one for all..all for one...

So Biah sibuk le pilih 3 lagu...sambil tunggu our turn, ni warm up session we all le

Sedar tak sedar dlm jam 1 pagi..suma dah naik pentas.."naik sharifah" dah.. . Bagusle Biah ade, kalu harap Fadzy and me..rosak lagu...

Below are gambar gambar mereka yg took the risk of kena baling ngan telur busuk...

Jam 2.30 page, we all still bertenaga tapi DJ plak sibuk nak balik..so kenalah bungkus our activity ni buat sementara waktu...Mmg seronok having friends yang sporting gitu..anyway


Friday, 12-Jun-2009 06:14 Email | Share | | Bookmark
3D2N in Melaka 12 to 14th June 2009

Our beloved auntie Fatimah called a week ago, yang durian dah gugur..ade kelapangan balik lah...those words pun dah cukup to coax my husband to balik kampung once we are done with Redang and KT.

So terus balik Melaka dari KT. Sampai Kuantan, bukak map le...ade satu exit sebelum Gambang untuk ke Segamat (Route 12). Distance to travel 179km to Segamat

The road to Segamat is a single lane trunk road but nicely maintained. Smooth traffic with maximum speed of 100km/hr. We passed exits to Lake Chini and Muadzam Shah. We took next left exit Route 11 to Bahau then to Kuala Pilah to Rembau to Tampin to Lubuk China to kampung...

My husband drove from KT to Bahau where we stopped for dinner. I took the wheels thereon to let him rest.

Stretch to Kuala Pilah, if not mistaken around 59km but kaya dengan corner maut with uphill and downhill and not to mentioned gaung on one side of the road most of the time. Time was over midnight and I was cautiously taking corners. The road was laden with super size LEFT or RIGHT arrow signages to caution drivers of what coming ahead.

Kat Negori nih, byk nama nama tmpt yg amat unik, kenkadang jadi lawaks plak...Rembang Panas Bukit Kempis...

After ter"babas" on few corners, my husband was giving tips on taking corners which made my driving worse instead of better . I am LEG brake person and not HAND brake person...yes yes..HAND brake gives better traction and control..but I am a mega city driver lo...where got such sharp turns then downhill...

My driving did not impressed him at all, I guess but as he nicely put, after only 20km of my defensive driving...." Pull over kat depan...bile le nak sampai nih...."

Tukar driver gamaknye...and then the thrill starts..we had THE rally driver in action..skilled using a balance of the accelarator and HAND brake..and yes..we felt the car precise cornering and yes..we were not jolted...and yes we really enjoy the ride..tabik spring le bang...slow slow minta berguru lah ni.....

Driver kampung ni kalu gi Hwy, sure mati kutu...why?...no LEFT or RIGHT arrow to follow...

At last, we made it home safely around 1.30am. My cousin waited for us and eventhough we were sure to be quiet, we couldn't help but woke up auntie...SORRY....

Where's the man?..Snoring and still in his clothes..after 11 hours on the road....tak pe sok bangun makan durian..

Total distance travel: 1200km
Total fuel cost: Shah Alam-KT-Melaka-Shah Alam RM230
Total Toll cost: RM36

Friday, 12-Jun-2009 00:49 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Day shopping in Terengganu 12.06.2009

T'ganu is still my favourite state cause of the variety of seafood based food. My family thrive on fish, so we are completely at home there. In addition, I was in Kertih for about 3 month during project so habis gak rayau Terengganu.

So this entries might help those planning to visit terengganu and passing the stretch from Kuantan to Kuala Terengganu..this is from pengalaman weh......

Must list to eat and tapau

1. Nasi Dagang
2. Satar
3. Keropok lekor
4. Keropok keping
5. Baulu normal/Baulu pandan
6. Serunding daging/ayam
7. Asam jawa madu

Where to eat nasi dagang?

People said Mak Ngah Nasi Dagang Stall in Chendering (2km from Sg Ibai/Floating mosque). I had it once long time ago, and during this trip, we couldn/t even locate the shop

I have had nasi dagang in Dungun stall by road side, if not mistaken, across TNB office..ok juga

But nasi dagang is a dish for breakfast so after 11am, you will not find any sold except at this 007 stall, right across KT Floating Mosque. On left, if you are driving toward KT. They all so sell nasi minyak/nasi kerabu/laksam/laksa and of course keropok lekor

My husband crazed nasi dagang. For 2 weeks in Kertih, never miss a day having nasi dagang in Paka.His verdict, 007 not bad but a bit oily.

Where to get satar?

My favourite is still the one in Kuala Kemaman. Not the crowded stall before the mosque but the one by the seaside. You need to drive into the kampung until you see the sea on your right. 1st shop beside another stall making keropok getel ( ). They serve satar made of ikan parang and selar at RM1 for 4 pieces. Watch out for the tiny bones and cili padi but it is sooooooo tasty. this last trip, I brought along a sizable plastic container for tapau, avoid them from getting squish by the long trip home

Their otak otak is also so tasty and a sizable chunk with ample sauce of chili and grated coconut.

If you are in favor of selar kuning satar, then the shop on the right before the mosque is the place. Slow down else you will miss the shop. Here, the satar is also RM1 for 4 pieces but slightly smaller

Where to get keropok lekor?

My favourite is still keropok lekor 008 at Pantai Peranginan Kelulut, on the right side of jalan pantai dari Kuala Terengganu ke Kuantan.I have been buying from them ever since my Nurul was about 2 yrs old. From a wooden stall to now..see below

My other favourite will be lekor Seberang Takir and these I will get from Pasar Payang KT at RM0.50 for one long piece. But I found this lekor to be firmer than 008

Other regular is lekor Losong, also from Pasar Payang but I found it to be too softy.

[quote]If the lekor is still hot, let it ventilate. Once you get home, refrigerate. If they get slimy, just wash and fry or rebus.
What I do is, before I refrigerate, I will cut them in thin pieces for frying.
Lekor can be kept for 2 to 3 weeks[/quote]

Where to get keropok keping?

Easy, Pasar Payang in KT. Tons of them just shop around for a bargain but must see also whay some are cheaper..(less fish? but for KL standard still lots of fish). Here you can buy by kg.
Ikan tamban keropok ranges from RM8 to RM12 pre kg but for a thinner, more fishy keropok you can get for RM15-RM18 per kg.

Keropok ikan parang, a real good one, where it feels velvety when you sink your teeth into, so difficult to get. 6 years ago, a kg of them, home order cost RM20, and it was heavenly..I think the nenek yg buat di Kijal tuh dah meninggal kot..stallnye no longer buka...
Those sold commercially are just a keropok.

I also found that you can get cheap keropok at pasar malam, if you happen to be passing by one.

Where to get bahulu?

Some stalls in t'ganu still do it the old fashion way, using sabut kelapa and tin..but our favourite happen to be oven baked. Stall by road side in Chendering after the floating mosque, jln KT to Kuantan, on left hand side. Drive slow after the mosque, it is at a road corner with bad signage. Try the bahulu pandan

Good idea to bring plastic contained for keeping so that the soft bahulu will still look presentable once you reach home.

Next stall is after Pantai Kelulut. This is old fashion baked but many years ago, the bahulu not yet up to standard. By now, they should be an expert already. Did get to try out cause they were sold out.

Another favourite stall is in Kuala Kemaman. At a corner before the mosque, on the right hand side. Still oven baked but stay soft for sometime. But go early, they usually ran out before late afternoon

About 50m from the stall, there is another stall selling sabut kelapa baked baulu.This is 2nd choice though cause I found the baulu a bit firm

Terengganu bahulu is usually not "cermai shape" but "akok shape" and sold at RM1 for 4 big pieces.

Where to get serunding?

Pasar payang at RM40 to RM60 per kg. Taste before you buy.

Where to get asam jawa?

Also pasar payang and so sweet but can be dry sometimes. RM10 for a kg. Fantastics to give to friends..won't spoil easily

So all those are my must list to eat and buy in terengganu....

Note: Sorry no photos, my Olympus 790SW masuk air

[quote]Girls...friday is boria day..we will be twins in Redang T-shirts.. Idea Fadzy le nih...
Total cost for shopping in T'ganu RM370[/quote]

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