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Sunday, 28-Feb-2010 02:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
How I re-discover sewing? 1st project...

At that dark corner it sits for years..probably praying that it's owner will start to spin its hand crank but I was no longer having the interest..........until, one find afternoon my mother salvaged it's presser foot for her machine in Bangi..tetibe je rase I cannot sew anymore...

Tu yang dtgnye semangat yg berkobar kobar, then ade pulak another friend yg nak start balik sebab faham faham je le..tempah langsir zaman ni, cost beribu..

So on CNY 2010 eve, after leaving ECONSAVE Subang's cashier, terus le menyimpang le masuk Kedai Singer. Tangkap le satu basic model 8280.

Seri, the saleslady, demoed and had me practiced the machine. Betapa jakunnye I ni (sbb compare to my antique singer)...machine sekarang
1. Bolih reverse utk matikan benang

2. Ade cutter benang

3. Bolih buat button holes..

4. Ade lampu lagi..

5. Tapi spindle benangnye baring instead of berdiri

6. Needle holenye plak facing me..

All else, same lagi..so not so culture shock le..

As usual,when a new toy is introduced in the household, some re-arrangement to be done. The corner for computer is now converted to my private sewing haven. Short briefing to the young ones on danger and safety and I am all set. The man of the house, greeted my new "hobby" will a heart full of glee and "admiration???"..cause now he calls me "tukang jahit" when he spotted an unmend hole on my jammy

Project no 1...Curtain for windows and canopy for our love nest.. ...Scouring the internet for ideas, set my mind on a change of concept..Contemporary Country (ade ke??) instead of contemporary urban
So 1st chance for a shopping in Jln Chow Kit, I was in Nagoya, Euro Moda (no curtain cloth though),Kamdar, Globe searching for the "right" material.

Decided on 10m of country flowers in light beige with matching dark brown satin for tabs. then off to get sewing accesories
1. Goods scissor
2. Tailor's chalk (old fashioned rupanye...org pakai roller skrg.. )
3. L-ruler
4. Threads

After 2 weeks of slotting my sewing chores inbetween tuition drives and compulsory sleep, not to mentioned missing episodes of So you think u Can Dance Season 7, Supernatural and CSI, I am done. Total makeover, as what Biah had described..."bilik tidur orang tua", my daughters says "cantik" in low tone, my man said "ok"...hei..what do they now about TAB curtain with cute buttons...


Lesson learnt:

1. Cheap cloth is messy....
2. Take HEM seriously..
3. Bottom HEM will dictates how the curtain will fall. The lighter the material the larger it should be. Rule of thumb, 4", Sheer can be doubled.
4. For TAB curtain, finished width should be 1.5 of window size, use "lerang" 45" instead of 60"

What I am still wondering , is TAB curtain to have lots of FOLDS?

Cost for 8280: RM745
• 7 Stitch patterns available at the turn of a dial
• Built in 4 step buttonholer that sews buttonholes of any length
• Up to 5.0mm stitch width
• Various choices of stitch pattern
• Built-in storage
• Handy free arm
• Convenient for sewing tubular, hard to reach areas of garment such as sleeves & cuff et

Material cost for 1st project: Master bedroom window, ruffle pillowcases and canopy
1. Cloth at RM6/m for 10m=RM60
2. Cloth for trimming for 2m=RM7
3. Tread=RM3
4. 70 giant beige button @30sen each =RM21
5. IKED curtain rod with finial= RM46

Total material cost=RM137

Sunday, 14-Feb-2010 02:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Overnite in Teratak Riverview, Sg Bernam Tg Malim

Boring jugak kalu 4 hari di rumah..kepala bolih pusing..travel to hot spots might not be a smart move since CNY crowd will be unbearable. So "anak" sorang tu suggest why not picnic di Sg Bernam, Tg Malim. Not far and still clear water.

Why not...sleepover? just pack an overniter, check if ade chalet kosong, ...stay semalam lah...when? we must avoid the north coming exodus on Tuesday 16th, so we planned for Sunday 14th and return on Monday15th.

When we woke up around 9 around Sunday, "anak" "ter"suprised about the picnic.. but tabik lah sebab go along with the plan

Question was, orang picnic pagi, ni dah jam 9am, pukui brape nak sampai nih? tu le concern the other rudely awaken homosapien on the other end. Jawapnye..relaxlah..akak baru nak mandi, then nak gi breakfast then go market. Balik nak masak lagi..so, when will we go..when you get here...

Tu lah baru ori holiday....we get there, when we get there....

Menu for picnic:
1. Pasta with bolognaise sauce
2. Spagetti with roasted parmesan meat sauce
3. Whole melon

Around 3pm, we managed to pack our a**** into the car after loading in the boot with what look like stuff for a 3 day trip.. .

Then a change of plan, another close friend just woke up and decided to come along. So descend le "anak" dari our car and into her car to pick up the friend. So we went ahead and to wait for them at the river.

Trip across the Selangor-Perak border was smooth and fast. 50m passed the border (before the traffic light), we took the right junction towards the resort.

Sorry friends, my sms was "turn left" instead...

Once you are in the small winding kampung tarred kampung road,our phone lines are out of coverage. The 4 km stretch was very compromising. Plenty of cars and picnickers, so be prepared to have your car "1 hun" from the ditch to let outcoming cars to pass thru..

We reached one of the 2 resorts around 5pm, Teratak Riverview. They have done total makeover, the once down-trodden warung is now replaced by a spanse Dewan Makan, overhanging the river.

The deco was so naturally unique and welcoming. We were so impressed with the meja/kerusi. They are made using whole timber..kayu rengas kalu tak silap. All from the surrounding jungle. Kayunye memang solid and cantik tapi prepnye agak leceh sebab kalu alah, bolih gatal satu badan, just by walking under it's tree. Before it can be used, the whole timber need to be burnt. Thumbs up for the settings, memang amat menarik...kalu le dapat kebas se set...

I found the owner;s wife, Kak Ana, so welcoming also. She's was preparing dinner for a big group having Kem Solat. I had to wait for the husband, Abg Hakim to confirm any bilik kosong.An hour later, he was back and we got ourselves 2 chalets but quite far apart. About then, the other car arrived (sesat le sbb ikut my "direction" ).

Goods news!..we have a place to stay..mmm..sorry kak..saya tak tidur.. ....no hal..for that..I got a bear hug...


Yang menawannye..."Bile nak bayar bilik".."Nanti nanti lah..balik nanti.." Nak order makan?" "Yes, next day breakfast and lunch for 5" " How much?" "RM5 for breakfast and RM7 for lunch".."Ok..set...let's mandi"

Berdebus..byk air kat sini..tak mcm Tekala..petang air tak da dah.. Ade kolam lagi dgn slide. Tapi no other kids pulak mau get in the pool when the 6 of us where making waves

Around 7ish, Abg Hakim announced the pool is closed for maghrib and is re-opened at 8pm. So dengan rase hormatnye, we all "nyorok-nyorok" le balik chalet. Al maklumle..chalet sebelah surau.. Lama jugakle nunggu bawah pokok betik, sampai Pak Imam selesai doa

Habis je, terus ke dewan, makan packed picnic food. Then masuk balik kolam and only keluar after Ian tercedera sikit . Sambung balik makan, sambil glance nasi campur group Kem Solat tuh..

Nearly 10 le jugak, Azah, Biah and Ian left and we beransur le balik chalet to clean up and call it a day. Masuk masuk je chalet, berpuluh puluh serangga hutan berjemaah plak dalam chalet we all. Bebudak terjerit jerit lah..malu o...selalu masuk hutan, pun takut ke.. ..Nasib baik le ade Shelltox menyelamatkan...normallah kan, dalam hutan..memangle banyak serangga..

Ape yg unique is, the sleeping arrangement. There are no beds, instead they built a pangkin about waist height and lay down 2 queen size mattresses to sleep about 4-6 people. Fan is provided but electricity only from 7pm to 7am, running on generators. No hot shower and as it got deeper in the wee hours of the night, it was chilly....fan pun dah sejuk..

Breakfast was ready for us when we entered the dewan. They have made a seperate mini buffet for 5 of usl. Menu is mee hoon goring with a sizable prawns and chicken bits. A huge teko of tea-O. Looks like a feast for 20...banyaknye Kak Ana...


Lepas makan, we lepak lepak main kad, boring juga nih...no paper, no magazine..kalu mai balik, bawak games and books lah..tapi memang santai..watching the growing crowd mandi manda.

Chalet tu pun provide "boya" for "rafting. Itulah attraction di sini..memang seronok. The river was fast and shallow. You will have wonderful time bumping along..

Ade juga firefox but have to be arranged ahead. According to Abg Hakim, they need 6 staff, to check and handle the set-up, safety in mind of course.

Dah penat mandi, we all explore le other facilities. Yg we all notice ade dewan for 4WDs campers, ade 2 hostels to accomodate about 40 per unit, on double decker beds. Toilets and kitchen provided. There are also tents to rent. You can also arrange for 4WD adventure trip into the jungle.


Lunch pun a feast for 10. Menu is nasi putih, ayam masak merah, sop soohon, sayur taugeh, biah tembikai and air bandung satu jag besar gedabak..


We left for home around 3pm and settled the bil.

All in all, food is generously provided. Accomodation is basic but acceptable. River is clean. Stay here is worthy of the cost. Thumbs up for the friendliness of the hosts.. Booking ade sikit risiko, since they are only contactable during weekdays and only thru sms on weekends...no strong phone line/signal around

1. Chalet for 6 RM85/nite
2. Food for 5 RM40
3. Facilities-FOC

Total: RM125

Teratak Riverview:
Hakim 019 2211662
Hana 017 353 2022

Saturday, 2-Jan-2010 07:47 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Cameron Highlands 2st to 22nd Nov 2009-My favourite market place

Biah ajak join dia holiday with her family in Rumah Persekutuan Cameron Highland so setuju aje. Rumah besar giler and we stayed in the huge bedroom upstairs..thanks to her family for welcoming us..nanti bolih ajak lagi..

We all stayed semlm je and lepas check out, Biah balik rumah, her family balik aloq, we all lepak le..

Mane nak explore nih....hampir suma dah gi..tapi ade gak wish list

1. Nak try makan scones. 1st try kat Bala Chalet tuh macam makan kek batat ke...(marah tak Bala nih?)
2. Nak pergi ladang sayur tertinggi

Discovery yg paling menarik ialah no 2. Ladang ni on the way nak ke BOH, Gunung Berinchang cuma time junction tuh, take left toward Gunung Berincang. The road was steep and long winded, patutlah tak ramai yg rela meredah bukit dah hutan untuk ke sane, but I tell you guys, 1000 times worth the goosebumps.

The ladang is known at Mountain Strawberry. Corner nak masuk tuh pun maut. Yang menawan, you can pluck or choose your vegi and the worker will pluck for year. Punyalah excited, I was calling Biah sambil terjerit jerit...

So tengok ni, angah tengah putik cherry tomato, byk jenis, kecik bulat, kecik lonjong, sedang bulat. Harga kalu tak silap RM6/kg..bolih makan time putik lagi

Strawberry pun a lot sweeter, maybe due the height. They all allow us to makan a bit while pucking. Everyone got in with a small basket and try to pluck the largest..we ended up nearly 3 kg of strawberries....yum yum

Camera pulak buat hal...actually lupa charge.. so, camera phone le back up. Ni gambar we all tgh ralit pilih sayur kobis and kobis china.

Tomato cherry RM6/kg
Kobis giant RM20 for 5
Kobis cina RM20 for 5
Strawberry RM35/kg
Pak choy RM6/kg
Corn RM10 for 8
Lettuce RM10 for 5 heads

Minum teh kat BOH tu dah jadik kemestian kalu ke CH. Regular order to compliment our 5 types of tea..Butter cake, Chocolate cake and Carrot Cake. Then ronda TEA center to look for hand rolled PALAS tea tapi stock dah habis. Yang ni rugi kalu ade tapi tak beli. The tea leaves are hand rolled and only for local consumption. Tak jupe luar CH. 6 tahun dulu, they we sold in very modest plastic bag at, if not mistaken RM4.90/bag..now it came in RM15.90 tin cannister. Tapi rase mcm tastenye dah larilah..tak so "fresh-taste" lagi...

Nak balik, singgah jap KEA Farm tu buy some sweet Pearl Corn. We also found a milky Jagung susu. When buying any, do cungkil sikit to rase. Kalu manis barulah beli. Sometimes jagung dah lama and become tawar..

Dah penuh boot dengan sayur..tak caye? look and see the boot fillers..

Satuje nak caution, some products are not from CH and sometimes and same or overpriced..so be careful when you go crazy over buying....etc..jambu crystal at RM5/piece kat CH, you can also buy at R&R Tapah at same price

Sunday, 15-Nov-2009 02:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Ishak's Girls on Sundays....

Makin besar anak anak dara I ni, semakin seronok plak...dah jadi regular on Sundays..all girls taking time minum teh then gi pasar for week supply of organics then followed by an hour or so of dry marketing in supermarket....sampai kenkadang lupalak the boys kat rumah perut berkeroncong tunggu breakfast yg di tapau.......

Camne agaknye next year...kurang sorang ke?

Model lokasi: Cafe An-Nurs, Pekan Subang Perdana "Baru"..Food review: Biase saje cuma ambiance ade kelas (Nurul's standard le nih...)

Tuesday, 27-Oct-2009 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Power Girls 1st Tire Change 271009

Morning of 27th's driving started with detik hati dari NYA, yang I should not be speeding on NKVE. So middle lane at 90 most of the time. Once my car was safely parked, I tawaf my car and saw left front tyre hampir kempis.

Mmm...what are the options..call the man or handle it. Option 2 taken with reasoning..why not try on my own, for once..it will be a "star" in my book of "It's ok honey, I can do it".. and definitely will wipe up the "bug splat" when my husband previously asked me if I unscrewed the tyre air plug before pumping air so funny...

So, do it now (with almost empty parking lots..) or do later, bertemankan kawan yg sejati... . Option 2, so into the office and continued working till late afternoon..

So below is the basic guide for ladies on HOW TO CHG TYRE FOR UNSER model 2005...

NO. 1 Confirm that you have a flat tyre (this line is for my husband....)

NO 2. Move to a safe and NOT so obvious area untuk menepis sebarang pandangan simpati dari kaum Adam and to reduce "gabra" perempuan melayu terakhir
Pengalaman kami.. we were found by our MD, duduk bersila belakang bonet.. ..so above ni critical to follow...

NO. 3- Prepare the SUPER tool to bring down the spare tyre.

Spare tyre UNSER secured bawah kete di belakang with a reeled cable. There is an elongated hole right under the boot cover for you to slot in the SUPER tool and turn counter clockwise . By this, the cable will unreel, lowering the spare tyre. Let extra cable down, so that it is easier to unhook the tyre of the cable latch.

Pengalaman kami: Dah masuk tool dalam the hole tapi tak masuk slot bebetul so bila turn, nothing happen. Dekat 15 min le try..peluh ketiak oo... . So tips, suloh ngan torch light dolu tu identity and "understand" the slot. Kalu lupa which side to turn..turn arah yang loose...
Bawah ni assistant tunjuk..

No.4- Prepare the "jack" which is secured under the front passenger seat. Unsecure by turning the large screw protruded on the side of the "jack".

Then identify a hard surface under the car, nearest to the tyre to be changed.

NO. 5- Use the lug wrench to slightly loosen the 4 lug nuts on the flat tyre first (Ni line untuk Pak Agus..terima kasik Pak ) Notice that for a lady, you will need more power to unloosen, thus my dear husband provided an extension GI pipe for me to stand on and stomp with my weight

NO. 6- Install the SUPER tool with the hook end slotted into the ring on the protruded screw of the "jack". Use the perpendicular level to crank the "jack" till the flat tyre is completely off the ground.

NO. 7, Lossen the rest of the lug nuts, remove them completely. Took out the flat tyre and lay it down under the car, extra security measure kalu kalu "jack" failed...Thumbs up from my husband for this "wise" move.. ..one STAR for Biah...

NO. 8 -Roll in the spare tyre and align properly with the wheel bolts. Screw in the lug nuts till snug. Then tighten using the wrench lug in STAR pattern ,one nut across from another, give each one a full turn until they are equally tight.Ni ensure the tightness is balanced...Time ni, peluh dah curah curah dah..alangkah bagus kalu dapat orang kipaskan...

NO. 9. Crank down the "jack". Tighten the lug nuts again by wrench lugs..No stomping neccesary. Dah siap...

NO 10. Roll in the flat tyre into the back and later let the man decide what to do with it . Cover properly so you will not get every where comot..

NO 11. Gather and simpan all the tool....Eh Eh..lupalak

Use the Super tool ,slot into the hole at the back, and twist to bring up the cable up into secured position , kalu tak..suma org akan tengok ape yg terbuai buai kat bawah kerete..tak masuk lagi bahaya kalu spark bile friction dgn jalan..kalu ade incomplete combustionnye residue from exhaust..lain le plak problem...TU NAK INGAT..LADIES...

NO 12..

Masuk dalam kete, ON aircon max, kasi sejuk badan... .For 1st timer..it took us about 30 mins to get this done, if not for the "kecoh" nak turunkan spare tire..bolih beat time PRO nih (15 min)...and only this dirt on our hands...

So POWER GIRLS LIVE!!!.....thank you Biah..next tukar bateri plaks...


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